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Hang Seng

United Kingdom

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Banking and financial services provider

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Open to different ideas and cultures

  • Having a diverse and inclusive culture underpinned by a meritocratic approach to recruitment, selection and promotion
  • Putting the team's interests ahead of the individual's
  • Being a fair and objective employer

Connected with our customers, community and each other

  • Proactive and hands-on management at all levels
  • Appropriate delegation of authority with accountability
  • Ethical and sustainable business practice, taking responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of decisions, especially in relation to lending and investment.  Commitment to the welfare of communities and the environment

Dependable and doing the right thing

  • Openly esteemed commitment to quality, competence, truth and fair dealing
  • Commitment to complying with the spirit and letter of all laws and regulations wherever the Group conducts its business
  • Having and displaying highest personal standards of integrity at all levels



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